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Get to know the KPOP groups performing for 2019 KPOP Friendship Concert in Manila

KPOP Friendship Concert is finally happening mga bes!

Series of ticketing giveaways happened the past few weeks and some fans were lucky to secure their slots for the said concert.

Before cheering out loud at the concert, let’s get to know all the KPOP groups who will grace the stage!


April is a 6-member girl group that debuted last 2015 under DSP Media. They debuted with ‘Dream Candy.’
Fandom name: Fineapples


Former Members: Jeon Somin, she is now part of KARD and Lee Hyunjoo, who’ll debut as member of UNI.T.

You may check their latest release Oh! My Mistake here:


Noir is a 9-member boy group under LUK Factory last 2018.
They debuted with ‘Gangsta’
Fandom name: Lumiere

NOIR kpop band

Know more details of the group through this Annyeong Oppa article.

Listen to their latest hit, Airplane Mode here:

NCT Dream

NCT Dream is the third sub-unit of the boy group, NCT under SM Entertainment debuted last 2016. The group consists of 6 members, but functions as a rotational group. Members have an age limit of 19 years old, if members age-up, they will graduate from the group.
The group debuted with the song ‘Chewing gum’
Fandom name: NCTzen

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Meet the members:

Former Member: Mark Lee – he graduated from the group since he is already 20 years old.

You may check their latest song ‘Candle Light’ here:

Excited for the concert later? Check out the following reminders for today’s event:

Aside from the said KPOP groups, Filipino band ‘Silent Sanctuary’ and VINSURI are also joining the said event.

Get your lightsticks and fan chants ready, mga bes! But remember, fangirl or fanboy responsibly!

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