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Yang Hyun Suk promises Lee Hi’s comeback for this year

A recent post from YG on March 1 sparks excitement to some fans!

It’s been almost three years since Lee Hi made a comeback and our waiting game might end soon.

On April 2016, Lee Hi released her full album “SEOULITE” but she did not perform any music activities except for drama OSTs and featuring with other artists since then. (source: naver)

“Almost done with recording of new solo album for Lee Hi, whom I feel most sorry for and cherish most. I promise Comebacks for Lee Hi in 2019 !!” Yang Hyun Suk said on this recent IG post.


Although a lot of fans are skeptical about Yang Hyun Suk’s statement, fans are dying to hear and see her perform again.

Meanwhile, Epik High’s Tablo also showed his anticipation for Lee Hi’s comeback through his recent IG story:

Who else misses Lee Hi?

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