Korean Variety Shows to watch if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug

Who doesn’t love to travel, right? But, realistically, we can’t travel every time (no moolah!) and there are just days when we are stuck at home wishing we are someplace else. Listed here are Korean Variety shows that can take you to your dream destination without going broke. 😉

2 Days & 1 Night (1박 2일)

With the concept of “Real Wild Road Variety”, this show focuses on underrated places around South Korea. The cast’s chemistry is also undeniable, making the show more fun to watch.
Main Cast: Kim Jong-min, Yeon Jung-hoon, Moon Se-yoon, DinDin, Na In-woo, Yoo Seon-ho

Salty Tour / Thrifter’s Guide to Luxurious Travels (짠내투어)

As the title suggests, this show is about travelling on a budget. They visit a country and cast members (or sometimes a guest) are assigned to create an itinerary and act as tour guides for a day. Everyone has the same budget and each one of them compete to provide the best experience.
Judging is done by the remaining cast members and guests after each tour, and is based on food, sightseeing and accommodation. A fourth category for judging is added, depending on the trip’s theme. The winning tour guide gets to enjoy a small luxury of their choice.
Main Cast: Park Myung-soo, Park Na-rae, Jung Joon-young, Moon Se-yoon, Heo Kyung-hwan

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Battle Trip (배틀 트립)

Like Salty Tour, Battle trip is a travel competition but between two groups of celebrities traveling to 2 different countries or cities. During the show, they share useful tips and information regarding their travels. They are judged by the 100 audiences through voting.
Main Cast (currently on season 2): Sung Si-kyung, Lee Yong-jin, Heo Kyung-hwan, Lee Mi-joo, Aiki 

Law of the Jungle (정글의 법칙)

Not exactly a travel show like ones listed above. This show sends celebrities to remote locations to experience and survive in the wild. The guests are led by the chief, Kim Byung-man. For each location, they are expected to build their shelter and to also hunt and prepare their food. This show makes one appreciate the beauty and power of nature.

Main Cast: Kim Byung-man

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