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7 Smart ways to save for your Korean idol’s concert and/or Fan meeting

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“Bes, may concert na naman si oppa, #TeamBahay na naman ba ako?”

“Kailan kaya ang ticket selling ng fan meet nina eonnie? Huwag sanang sa bakasyon.”

“Mga bes, nagsabay-sabay na naman ang concerts, sign na ata ‘to na kailangan ko na talagang ibenta ang kidney ko.”

These are some of the most infamous lines which you can hear from different Filipino fans when their Korean idols are expecting to hold a concert or fan meeting here in the Philippines. On the other hand, you might’ve actually said the same thing once in your life for being a die hard fan of a specific Hallyu Star, also known as Korean Wave Star. Don’t worry, you are not alone as many Hallyu fans are with you.

To help y’all mga bes, I’ve listed seven smart ways on how to save for your K-Idol’s concert and/or fan meeting! Ready your pen and paper to take note of the following:

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1. Ask Yourself if You Badly Need and/or Want It

Most of us might’ve spent a lot of money on buying different merchandises of our K-idols and have allotted our other savings to attend fun activities organized by the fanbases here in our country, leaving us with nothing but a small amount of coins which is not even enough for our pocket money.

With this, when your favorite Hallyu Stars visit your country to hold a concert or fan meeting, you should ask yourself first if you badly need and/or want to attend it. If you are so unsure about it, convince yourself with more than 10 good reasons why you should participate in the fan wave and catch a glimpse of your idol. If you really feel the urge to buy the ticket, then go for it and make sure that you’re not spending the money which is for important matters. It’s great to enjoy life but set your limits. Other option mga bes is to try to minimize your merchandise expenses. Takip ng mga mata kapag may nakitang album kung kinakailangan.

Do you want to just see them in paper or see them in person?

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2. Set Your Goal/s

Organize your thoughts and make up your mind so you wouldn’t end up regretting anything in the end. If various concerts and fan meetings of your idols are going to happen within the same year, choose who you really want to see that much, or you can pick more than one if you are fine with purchasing General Admission tickets which are actually cheaper than the other ones.

In relation to that, think carefully which seat can you afford so you can already save your money for the event as early as you can. Seating plans with the exact ticket amount from different Korean concerts are usually announced by the event promoters ahead of time.

3. List the Factors or Other Expenses which You Need to Take Into Account

Whether your school or work daily allowance is fixed or not, don’t forget to list the expenses that you need to take into account so you won’t need to borrow money from your friends or family members at the end of the day. It’s always recommended to spend your own money for your needs and wants especially when you’re doing it in a manner showing quick-witted skill.

As soon as you have noted your monthly/weekly/daily budget for travelling or commuting, foods, projects or bills, you can finally deduct it from your total allowance for the month/week/day, then you’ll have your expected savings for that time period.

4. Create a Guide for Your Everyday Savings for the Concert and/or Fan Meeting

When you are aiming to take the General Admission ticket, it is advisable to start saving atleast Php 15 per day so you’ll have a total of Php 5, 475 in 1 year. If you’re eyeing for the Upper Box ticket, you can save Php 20 per day so you’ll have Php 7, 300 in 1 year. If you want to acquire the Lower Box ticket, save Php 25 per day then you’ll have a total of Php 9,125 in 1 year. However, if you want to see your idol up close, VIP ticket is for you. Save Php 35 per day then you’ll have Php 12,775 in just 1 year!

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After determining your aspired ticket, create your own guide or checklist of your everyday savings for the concert and/or fan meeting. Design your own guide or planner, so you will be determined to save.

5. Make Your Own “Piggy Bank”

To lessen the cost that you need to spend, make your own piggy bank where you can store your concert savings. You can be creative and resourceful as much as you can to recycle unused materials yet don’t forget to exclude using wooden stuff (as it can ruin either the surface or the appearance of the paper bills)! However, if you already own a savings account, it is advisable for you to immediately deposit your earned money for that month as per bank rules. To guarantee that you won’t forget how much you deposited every month, you can try taking a note of it on your guide or planner.

On the other hand, if you don’t possess any bank account, you can continue using your piggy bank but make sure that you’ll put away your coins from your piggy bank if the volume of it is already growing; you may exchange the exact total amount of your coins with paper bills to avoid an artificial shortage of coins. Later on, if you’ll change your mind and decide that you won’t spend your 365 days’ savings for the ticket, you are encouraged to open a savings account.

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6. Check Your Savings’ Guide Everyday

It is not a must to put a ‘check’ on your daily savings’ guide but you can at least put a mark on it if you have save the expected amount of money on your “piggy bank” for you to know if you’re not missing any day and to make sure that you’re being consistent. It is helpful for you to be updated with your savings’ progress as it can motivate you more to continue doing it.

After a month, you can finally count your savings and check your guide/planner for you to know if you get the right amount of money for that period of time.

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7. Analyze Your Savings’ Strategy
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Starting to save a small amount of money for your desired concert ticket is not an issue and if you want to change your target daily saving from Php 15 to Php 35 is totally fine. However, you need to ensure that you’re not sacrificing your budget for important things especially if it’s your budget for electricity or water bill.

If you want to increase the amount of your daily savings, you just have to adjust your particular way of living. You can look for affordable meals than the ones you used to buy (still, don’t starve yourselves, mga bes!). If you have decided what changes you’re going to follow, the next thing to do is to revise your guide or planner until it suits your taste and lifestyle. For the succeeding months, you can still do the same routine until you get the total amount for your anticipated concert or fan meeting ticket.

Entering the world of Hallyu can bring you too much happiness especially when a particular Korean idol becomes your ‘happy pill’ but being an international fan is no joke! The struggle will always be there. Earning and saving up money is not that easy but you must keep on going until you have achieved your goal to see them live! Who knows if you can already afford seeing them in their own country for concerts, fan meets, fan signing and other events because of your savings? It will be tough at first but what awaits you will surely be meaningful and memorable. If our idols are our happy pills, we are definitely one of the sources of their energy!

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