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EXO-Ls Get Creative With Their Eribong Ver. 3 Despite Some Setbacks

Light sticks are essential items in the K-Pop fandom. They are used in supporting one’s bias group/idol during performances. They also identify the fandom by showing the group’s color and logo/mark.

The 1st official light stick was released on October 10, 2015. Version 2 was released on July 4, 2016.

The EXO Official Lightstick, more affectionately known as Eribong to EXO-Ls, has revealed its third version design. This is in preparation for EXO’s upcoming concert tour, Exo Planet # 5: EXplOration

This version of the Eribong shows an embossed EXO logo as compared to the flat faced logo of the previous versions. It also has brighter lights when placed beside its previous versions. One new feature is a rechargeable battery pack that may be purchased separately.

Lukewarm Reception From Fans

EXO-Ls were worried before the design was revealed. Thankfully, it did not veer away from the simple and elegant design it was known for.

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However, EXO-Ls who have already received their light sticks expressed their disappointment in terms of the poor packaging compared to the hard cylinder casing of the rest of the SMTOWN groups’ light sticks. Some fans also say that the parts are a bit loose and would fall out if not handled carefully.

EXTRA-Ls Will Always Have A Solution

Since this Eribong tend to have loose parts, EXO-Ls channel their disappointment into creative energy. Despite the warning on the packaging to “DO NOT DISASSEMBLE”, fans took the initiative to customize and decorate their Eribongs.

While waiting for their Eribongs to arrive, more EXO-Ls share ideas on how they would do their decorations. Some even continuously make design templates for other fans.

From flowers to photos, some even put glitters and beads for a fuller effect. The fans also say that the light becomes more noticeable after decorating it.

Will you be decorating your Eribong Ver. 3 after buying it? How would you design it?

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