iKON talks about their main visuals and names EXO as the visual group

iKON, the group behind the Song of the Year: Love Scenario talks about their visuals, since it’s a very important topic among variety show guesting.

In their recent guesting in Video Star, they embarrassed each other, and revelead their thoughts on who is their main visual and who they think possesses the ‘visual.’

Yunhyeong is said to be their visual but on a popularity (appearance) ranking test that was held, Bobby was voted as number 1.

Junhoe then said that there is no member that they think is a visual! (To which I disagree completely!)

Junhoe saying there is no visual in the group.
Screencaptured from youtube

Bobby jokingly responded, “What matters is the charms of a man.”

Bobby saying charm is what matters for a man.
Screencaptured from youtube

So, manly! So adorbs!

One of the hosts then asked which group do they think is full of visual.

Donghyuk immediately responded, “EXO sunbaenim.”

Donghyunk saying EXO are visuals.
Screencaptured from youtube.

Yunhyeong added, “Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, also.”

Yunhyeong adding Cha Eun Woo.
Screencaptured from youtube

And to end the visual topic, Chan laughingly said, “We just look pitiful saying we have no visual.”

Chan ending the visual talk.
Screencaptured from youtube.

Them thinking that they are no visual is unbelievable and unacceptable. Look at the mirror, you guys! You guys are so charming!

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Let me know what you gals think cos for me they are all visuals! Don’t be cruel and make me rank them! I can’t and I won’t. Heehee.

Watch the full episode on youtube now and have loads of fun!

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