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7 Ultimate signs and symptoms of being K-drama addict

Watching Korean drama is one of the best things to relieve the stress of a K-drama fan. It has the power to make you enjoy the scenes, laugh and cry with the characters, and reduce stress. Whether you’re watching a romantic comedy or any other genre of series, it can still bring you joy, light, and love.

However, there are times when other fans cannot stop themselves from binge watching several dramas. Until, you’re already one of those people which “nilamon na ng K-drama.”

Moreover, how can you spot yourself or others if they’re already getting so addicted with K-dramas? Below are the common signs and symptoms of being K-drama addict!

1. “One more episode.”

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The “one more episode” phrase is so popular with K-drama fans. Yet, the “one more” becomes two, three, four, and sometimes until you’ve finished a series already.

Days become nights, and nights become days for K-drama addicts. Some of them cannot avoid sleeping late at night. However, don’t forget to take care of yourselves too, mga bes! K-drama is life but good health is lifer.

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2. Sub if life

The waiting game for English subtitles is one of the hardest thing for some non-Korean language K-drama fans; especially when you’re watching an ongoing drama. There are instances when some individuals try to look for other websites or applications which feature English subtitles for K-dramas. Wherein, it feels so sad if you cannot spot even one website or application. “어떻게?”

3. Singing along to OSTs even if one is unsure with the lyrics

One of the most joyful things to do if you’re watching a K-drama while it is playing the official sound track or you’re just listening to its OST is to sing along with it. Whether you know well the lyrics or not, it feels so good having a duet with the OST singer, especially when you’ve already gotten the last song syndrome.

4. Buying K-drama merchandise

Collecting K-drama merchandise? Check! To the point that you’re really allocating a budget for it so you wouldn’t miss your favorite drama’s merch.

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5. Trying to study Korean language

Being so into K-dramas sometimes lead fans to studying Korean language for so many reasons. Why not, right? Learning new language is so good. Moreover, trying to study Korean language also means that less hassle in understanding the actors and actresses. Road to no more English sub!

6. Keeping self updated regarding the happenings about the actors and/or actresses

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Birthday? New and/or previous drama? Name it, you’ll love to know about it and the recent happenings about them. However, never forget to fangirl responsibly, mga bes!

7. Starting to fall in love with Korean culture

Last but not the least, falling in love with Korean culture. In which, you tend to have deeper reasons why you want to go to South Korea, learn their language and traditions, be familiar with their culture, and more. Subsequently, you’re also starting to know how to respect them and their culture.

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Have you done or experienced the same thing/s, mga bes? Feel free to share with us your feels and thoughts!

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