iKON surely made headlines with the news that they will appear on ISAC 2019 (Idol Star Athletics Competion).

iKON being iKON that never missed a chance to have fun and won a Silver Medal. The group showed a friendly and enjoyable competition not only for the fans but also to other competitors. 


iKON’s first iSAC participation has made not only fans but other idols laugh their hearts out.

Who wouldn’t with their unforgettable cupid costume with yellow wig?

Bobby is known for his swag and he did not forget to bring that swag while playing bowling.

YunHyeong’s position in archery left everyone in laughter when the arrow didn’t even reached the circle of the target.

Who would have though that iKON’s maknae Chanwoo will be one of the best goal keeper at the game?

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