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NU’EST member Baek-ho thanks BTS’ V for what he did at 33rd Golden Disc Awards

On January 23, NU’EST Baek-ho mentioned the 33rd Golden Disc Awards held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul during his V-live broadcast.

Recently, a certain video clip of NU’EST at 33rd Golden Disk Awards taken by a fan is circulating online. In the video clip, it can be clearly seen that NU’EST members were having a hard time because the chairs reserved for them were only 3 but as we all know, NU’EST is currently promoting as 4 members (Hwang Min-hyun was with Wanna One that time.)

Baekho said, “At that time, we both stood and sat down. There were only three chairs. It’s a bit weird if the three of us sat down and the other one stood next to us. But we couldn’t all stand up. We thought that the two members would sit down and the two people would stand up. We always do it during interviews, so maybe they’ll think that we did it on purpose.”

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He added, “So, I was so grateful when another singer brought us an extra chair. We were flustered by that time but he came up with a solution. He was like an angel.”

If you are curious about what Baek-ho was talking about, you can watch it here:

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