‘Prison Playbook’ Star Park Hae-Soo Is Getting Married Today

On January 14, Actor Park Hae-soo will marry his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Park Hae-soo reportedly invited only their parents, relatives, and close acquaintances to a private wedding ceremony in Seoul.

He met his girlfriend last 2017 through their mutual friend and after a year of being together, they finally decide to get married.

The wedding ceremony will be hosted by Park’s two longtime friends, Actor Lee Ki-seop and Ulala Session’s Park Kwang-sun.

The couple decided to spend their honeymoon in Club Med, Maldives.

“I want to tell you about my happiness,” Park said on his fan cafe when he announced his wedding plans. “I’m going to start a new life with my partner. I wanted to be with someone like her who always holds my hands and gives me strength whenever i’m having a hard time. I will continue to work hard as an actor while remembering the love and support that my family and fans gave me.” he added.

Park Hae-soo is known for his iconic roles in korean dramas such as Legends of the Blue Sea and Prison Playbook. He recently made a cameo on tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra.

Park Hae-soo (Right) with his ‘Prison Playbook’ co-star, Jung Hae-in (Left)

Congratulations to Park Hae-soo and his Wife!

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