JYP Entertainment Reportedly Launching A New Girl Group

Heads up, JYP stans!

According to multiple sources on January 14, JYP’s new girl group is working on its final stage with the goal of making it’s debut earlier this year. The music video of their debut song has already been filmed and their debut project contents will also be released. It is the first time in four years since TWICE debuted in 2015.

Among the rumored members are Shin Ryu-jin, who was a contestant in JTBC’s “Mix Nine” Hwang Ye-ji of SBS’s “The Fan” and Lee Chae-ryung of Mnet’s “Sixteen”. Shin Ryu-jin ranked first among female trainees in “MixNine” and Hwang Ye-ji was recognized as a star-studded performer by Yoo Hee-yeol, a judge of “The Fan.” Lee Chae-ryung’s talent was recognized during her “Sixteen” days. She is the younger sister of Lee Chae-yeon, who recently debuted in Produce 48’s girl group, IZ*ONE.

Shin Ryu-jin

Shin Ryu-jin

Hwang Ye-ji

Hwang Ye-ji

Lee Chae-ryeong

Lee Chae-ryeong

JYP Entertainment is known as the home of three of the most successful girl groups in K-Pop history: Wonder Girls, Miss A and Twice. Fans are really anticipating for this upcoming girl group under the management of JYP. They are curious about the concept and music style this girl group has to offer.

For now, let’s just wait for the official annoucement from JYP Entertainment regarding this matter.

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