Watch Yoo Seung Ho’s Adorable Reaction To So Ji Sub

Yoo Seung Ho was one of the presenters at the recently held MBC Drama Awards 2018 last December 30. His excited reaction when they announced the Grand Prize Award to So Ji Sub caught the audience’s attention.

Alongside with Ha Ji Won, he was seen gleefully smiling when he saw So Ji Sub in the audience.

Just before the announcement of the winner he was captured saying “Please” while looking at So Ji Sub.

Seung Ho’s excitement was seen when So Ji Sub won the award followed by his cute claps.

His intense cuteness went full blast when So Ji Sub went up the stage. He was excitedly jumping in happiness when he congratulated Ji Sub.

Look at him smiling ear to ear. Pati ako napapasmile bes!

Although their age is 16 years apart, Yoo Seung Ho and So Ji Sub have been good friends for almost a decade. Seung Ho is often nicknamed as ‘Little So Ji Sub’ because of his resemblance to him. So Ji Sub said in one of his interviews that Seung Ho is his ‘Angelic friend’.

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They can really pass as brothers!

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