Running Man’s Ji Suk Jin Was Asked If He Already Knew That Lee Kwang Soo Is Dating

On December 31 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date,” Ji Suk Jin congratulated his fellow ‘Running Man’ cast Lee Kwang Soo and his girlfriend, Lee Sun Bin. The two was revealed to be in a romantic relationship last December 31.

Their relationship started 5 months ago and people are curious if other ‘Running Man’ cast are already aware of it prior to their dating news.

When announcer Heo Il Hoo asked Suk Jin if he already knew about it, he responded with a safe answer “I’ll just say, ‘No comment.’” But he complimented them and gave them his blessings saying that Lee Kwang Soo has a good personality and even though he’s not very close to Lee Sun Bin, he felt that she’s a good person.

Lee Sun Bin appeared on the 319th episode of ‘Running Man’ in 2016.

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