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Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo’s First Kissing Scene Boosts Ratings of ‘Encounter’

tvN’s drama “Encounter” which aired on Wednesday has a viewer rating of 9.2 percent. (Nielsen Korea, based on households with paid platforms) increased by 0.6% compared to last broadcastings (8.6%). It was less than 0.9 percent of its own record of 10.3 percent.

On the latest episode, Song Hye-kyo (Cha Soo-hyun) and Park Bo-Gum (Kim Jin-hyuk) kissed each other for the first time. Go Chang-seok (Nam Myeong-sik) attended the party with Park at Sokcho. Song was surprised by the unexpected appearance of Park Bo-gum. They looked at each other with joy and longing. When the New Year’s countdown came, the hidden theme of a party was revealed, it was Havana Party. Song learned that Park had planned a party that would reminisce their Cuba trip. Park Bo-gum kissed Song Hye-kyo, who shed tears of emotion.

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