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LOOK: Lee Jong-suk’s Fashion Style Evolution

Aside from his good looks and acting skills, South Korean Actor Lee Jong-suk is known for his taste in fashion. We all knew that he started as a model before he became an actor.

Here’s a look at his style evolution from being a rookie to bigtime k-drama actor.

  • 2010

Remember those days when we all asked “Who is this guy?” His role in 2009’s hit k-drama series, Secret Garden was an aspiring musician.

  • 2011

After Secret Garden, he continued to show off his fashion style as a TBJ Nearby model.

  • 2012

Lee Jong-suk continued to shine bright as he attended the prestigious 2012 Busan International Film Festival wearing a red suit and a black shirt.

  • 2013

This was an interesting year for Lee Jong-suk as he posed for Vogue Magazine’s October 2013 issue. That black leather jacket with matching black hair made him look more dashing, isn’t he?

  • 2014

Imagine him as your boyfriend waiting for you. Kilig right? That black pants really emphasized his tall and lean physique, don’t you think? 😉

  • 2015
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Let’s all admit it. He looked dashing with this peach suit during his fan meeting in Guangzhou, China. I’m sure that he made all the chinese fangirls fell for his charm.

  • 2016

Remember when he was invited to the Burberry Menswear Spring/Summer Show? He showed off his fashion sense among the models.

  • 2017

He can make even a simple t-shirt and jacket look fashionable. This was taken at the Airport in Thailand.

  • 2018

This is what we’re talking about! Lee Jong-suk can literally pull off any style. Don’t forget his curly hair that can surely capture your heart.

It only proves that Lee Jong-suk is our ultimate fashion king. Even just a simple tshirt and ripped jeans looks good on him. Are you excited to see what he’s going to wear on his first ever Manila Fan Meeting?

Here’s the details of his 2018 Crank Up Manila Fan Meeting:

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