South Korean idol group BTOB is indeed one of the talented artists in K-Pop industry. In just 6 years, they have so many achievements which made their fans, Melodies very proud. BTOB is also known for being an Idol-Composer because most of their songs are written and produced by some of the members themselves. Aside from one of their main vocalist Lim Hyunsik, their main rapper Jung Il-hoon is also participating in composing and producing their music. Some of the notable songs that Ilhoon composed and produced are Movie (Feel ‘Em, 2017), My Lady (Brother Act, 2017) and The Feeling (This is Us, 2018).

We really can’t deny that we’ve been “hooked” by this talented and undeniably handsome guy. Before we proceed, let me just greet this man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. Yes bes, today is his birthday.

Here are some moments that Jung Il-hoon made us go crazy over him.

  • His IG Selca Posts
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With that look and outfit, he can be mistaken as an executive or a fashion model.

  • Being Supportive and Loving Brother to his ‘Noona’

Who wouldn’t fall for this kind of guy who often shows love and support to his sister? He may portray a total ‘swag’ look when performing on stage but deep inside, he’s just a sweet guy who loves his ‘Noona’ dearly.

  • During his BLONDE Hair Days

Let’s all admit it, some of the Melodies or maybe the entire Melody fandom got hooked with his blonde hairstyle during ‘Remember That’ Era. This is definitely #NeverForget. We hope that this hairstyle can make a comeback too. Uwuuu

  • His ‘Other’ Side

Who says Ilhoon can’t pull off a sexy concept? You better watch this fancam of ‘She’s Gone’ to see for yourself:

  • His SWEET Smile

His smile is really giving us some good vibes that’s why we all live for Jung Ilhoon’s smile. The ‘Smile’ that can capture many hearts in just a second.

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I know that there are many times and moments that Ilhoon stole our hearts, if you have any particular moments to share, you can tell us on our comment section below.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jung Ilhoon!

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