​10 Things I Would Like to Say to My Non-Kdrama Friend

Dear Bes,

1. Thank you for supporting me in my Kdrama fascination even though you’re not fond of it.

2. For being my feels absorber whenever there’s an intense episode that I could not handle on my own.

3. And for listening to my fan theories and then commending me afterwards if I’m proven right.

4. I appreciate all the Kdrama articles, photos and memes that you send to me especially the ones that include my main Oppa(s).

5. And for tagging me on the comment section of Annyeong Oppa‘s posts. You know my weaknesses, bes.

6. Speaking of Oppa, thank you for understanding why I am still single and for not putting pressure on me to look for a partner because you knew that my 100+ Oppa are enough for me (for now).

7. And congratulations for finally realizing that Lee Dong Wook, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jong Gi and other Lee’s are different persons.

8. I feel so kilig whenever you greet me with “Saeng-il Chukahamnida” during my birthdays

9. And for giving me any korean-related things like facial masks, socks, etc. as gifts or pasalubong.

10. You may choose to judge me but you didn’t. You never left my side kahit may kahati ka na sa oras ko.

We may not be seeing each other lately because of acads, other lakads and this whole adulting stint but know that I’ll be forever thankful for having you.

Saranghae bes ❤

P. S.

Should you change your mind and become a Kdrama fan too, I’ll be the first one to welcome you in Kdrama Land.

Your madramang Kdrama friend,



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