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I-Lovelies from the Philippines Bumped into K-Diamonds Outside the BigHit Building. Here's What Happened Next.

Beautiful things happen when we least expect them to.

On the 9th day of September, 2 K-Diamonds (Korean ARMYs) talked to us outside the BigHit building, seemingly with the same intention as us: to see with our very own eyes the building where BTS spends late hours practicing and perfecting their craft. We also came to say goodbye (and ’til next time) to BigHit as we were leaving the next day.

As we were heading to the subway, we saw them on the same station taking a picture with Jungkook’s birthday ad. I asked if they wanted me to take a pic of them together and they happily said yes, then volunteered to take a picture of us too. We boarded the same train and as we neared the station we were alighting in, they asked us who our faves are and what concerts we’ve been to. Of course they were lucky enough to watch The Wings Tour in Seoul! Before we alighted, I asked to take a selca with them as a nice reminder of the friends we met.

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We went down on the same station and they headed straight to the vending machine, so we said our goodbyes as we were on our way to say goodbye to the Starship building too. Imagine our surprise when they tapped us from behind as we neared the exit – and handed us a drink! Little did we know that they went to the vendo just to buy us something, and that’s not all: they gave us a sugar-coated pastry!

We were so touched to have received such a warm response from a K-Diamond, we nearly cried right then and there. This is one of the best, if not THE best, memories I made in our 9 days in Korea.

So to anyone that is in doubt – hey, loves, this proves the equation:


And as Namjoon once said, “Music and performance transcends languages, countries, and races.”

Written by: @HeyKeiPOP

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