Is Jed Madela Going to Cover a BTOB Song? 

[UPDATE] Now Jed Madela can’t stop listening to the songs of BTOB.

He is even playing it while beating the EDSA Traffic.

But he is requesting for someone to teach him the proper way of singing in Korean. Any volunteer?


Jed Madela, a multi-awarded Filipino singer, hosted #AskJed on his twitter account last September 12, 2017.

A twitter account @Its_Ica27 asked Jed if he wants to cover Korean songs and suggested It’s Okay of BTOB.

To which he replied, “I’ll check that out”

The Philippine Melodies are quick to noticed his tweet and are excited to hear Jed’s version of It’s Okay. And we all know that he can sing the “I believe in you” part smoothly. Gwaenchanhayo!

Meanwhile, BTOB is celebrating their 2,000 Days and are preparing for their comeback after the release of the last Piece of BTOB by their leader Eun Kwang.

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Joey)


Categories: album, feels, kpop news

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