Film Review: Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul

Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul‘, PULP Studios’ first film project, successfully held its premiere night on November 11, 2023, at SM Megamall Cinema 8.

Before the movie screening, the cast of “Ma’am Chief”, as well as Director Kring Kim, Executive Producer Happee Sy-Go, and guests walked on the blue carpet.

The cast also welcomed and thanked the invited audience inside the cinema.

Starring Melai Cantiveros-Francisco who was personally handpicked for the title role, “Ma’am Chief” tells the story of Selda Kaptan, a policewoman who disguised as a tour guide to do a hidden mission in South Korea to chase down a fugitive.

The film’s execution of hilarious scenes was perfect with a natural comedienne like Melai, as she carries the whole film with her charm and brilliant comedic timing. With the portrayal of a loving sister, a loyal friend, a courageous daughter, a passionate policewoman, and a dedicated fangirl, Melai shed light on every character and showed her mastery in doing comedic and dramatic scenes, receiving applause from the audience.

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With the partnership of Kring Kim as the Director and Happee Sy-Go as the Executive Producer, it is a film with various relatable moments, depicting Selda’s character as a fangirl of K-Pop and K-Dramas.

Any fangirl will surely have a happy heart while watching the film as it takes us to some of the famous tourist attractions in South Korea and shows us how fangirling can be very present in our everyday lives.

The cinema was filled with laughter, screams, and kilig especially when the most-awaited special cameos appeared on the screen. (Isang malaking SANA ALL, Ma’am Chief!)

The film showcased the good chemistry of the cast and made every character shine. It is definitely a must-watch with great performances from other actors like Karylle, Jennica Garcia, and Alora Sasam, adding depth to the story of Selda and how the characters of Bernadette Allyson-Estrada, Enzo Almario, Sela Guia, Manel Sevidal, and Dustine Mayores helped our hero policewoman accomplish her mission.

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A policewoman and a fugitive who have the same favorite idol group! Find out how this connection would solve the mystery.

Watch Ma’am Chief’s crazy adventures in cinemas nationwide! Kamsami!!!

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