In the realm of K-pop, some voices resonate not just for their captivating melodies but for the deep emotions they convey. Nam Woohyun, the renowned main vocalist of the beloved group INFINITE, is such a talent. Now, he’s set to grace our playlists once again, marking his comeback with a full-length album that promises to be a winter symphony of melody and meaning.

Image Source: Nam Woohyun Official

On November 6th, Woohyun commenced the countdown to his much-anticipated return by unveiling his first solo full-length album, ‘Whitree.’ This release follows the success of his 4th mini-album ‘WITH,’ and it’s been two years in the making.

Image Source: Nam Woohyun Official

Whitree’ isn’t just a clever combination of words; it’s a blend of “White” and “Tree,” conjuring up images of snow-laden branches that harmonize beautifully with the winter season. Yet, it’s more than just clever wordplay.

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‘Whitree’ also carries a profound personal touch as it merges Woohyun’s initials (WH) with INSPIRITS (I), a reference to his loyal fanbase. The result is an album that’s not only a showcase of musical prowess but a heartwarming connection between artist and fandom.

Image Source: Nam Woohyun Official

As the album’s release date approaches, fans can expect a gradual reveal of tantalizing content, starting from concept photos that promise to unveil different facets of this versatile artist. The tracklist, highlight medley, and a glimpse of the music video will be dropped in a carefully orchestrated sequence, building up excitement for what ‘Whitree’ has in store.

On November 28th at 6 PM, ‘Whitree’ will finally make its way to various music platforms, and the world will once again be enchanted by Woohyun’s mesmerizing vocals.

Are you ready for this comeback, INSPIRITS?

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