Jeon So Min confirms to leave ‘Running Man’ after 6 years

Actress-entertainer Jeon So Min decided to step down from the famous variety show after running hard for 6 years.

On October 23rd, So Min’s agency, King Kong By Starship, released an official statement regarding the decision.

Hello. This is King Kong by Starship.We would like to inform you that Jeon So Min will be leaving SBS’ ‘Running Man’ after the final recording on October 30th.

Because it is a program that she has a long relationship with, she put a lot of thought into it, and after long discussion with the ‘Running Man’ members, production team, and agency, we decided that she needs some time to recharge in order to show a better side through future activities, including her acting.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many viewers who have cried, laughed, and ran with Jeon So Min on ‘Running Man’ every weekend for the past six years since April 2017. We ask for your continued warm affection and support for Jeon So Min. Thank you.

Following this, ‘Running Man’ has also released their official statement of respecting the actress’ decision for the betterment of her acting career.

After a long discussion, the members and production team decided to respect the decision of Jeon So Min, who expressed her intention to leave. Accordingly, Jeon So Min will leave ‘Running Man’ after the recording on October 30th.

Jeon So Min ran with ‘Running Man’ for about 6 years with extraordinary affection and responsibility, but recently expressed her intention that she needs time to recharge for her acting activities. Accordingly, the members and production team will be with Jeon So Min until the end. We discussed for a long time what we could do, but we respected Jeon So Min’s wishes and made the unfortunate decision to part ways.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Jeon So Min, who has brightened the program as a member of ‘Running Man’ for a long time, and we ask for viewers’ warm support and encouragement to Jeon So Min, who has made a difficult decision.

The members and production team will support Jeon So Min, an ‘eternal member’.

Photo courtesy of @jsomin86 on Instagram

So Min joined the show in April 2017 and has gained love and support from viewers in South Korea. Her time as a member has never been easy for her as she has to endure hateful comments mostly from the show’s international fans. Through time and her hard work, she proved to be someone who can be an inspiration to everyone for her strength and passion for her job.

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Bringing her talents, charms, and crazy antics to the show has made her a top female entertainer and now known as an actress who is willing to sacrifice her image to make people laugh.

From being an actress to a variety gem, So Min has done her best to send a bright aura and give happiness to the viewers.

We’re always rooting for your success, So Min! And we’re looking forward to seeing you in more acting projects soon!

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