Star Creators are definitely winning! A few more trainees from Boys Planet are gearing up for their debut.

On October 18, Armada Entertainment revealed the final lineup for their upcoming boy group.

The group consists of Yoon Jongwoo, who ranked 18th at the finals of the survival program, Boys Planet.

Next is Jay Chang, ranked 10th in the finals. Then followed the former CIIPHER member, Tag, who dropped out during the filming of the survival program.

Meanwhile, Oh Seongmin, also known as Jerome, a former member of TO1, will also be joining the team.

To complete the final lineup, the fifth member will be Lee Yedam. Apart from Boys Planet, he also gained recognition for joining the survival show LOUD. ​

The group will be called ‘ONEPACT, which means to come together to make a big impact.

For more updates the group can be followed on their social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter.

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Debut date and album have not yet been announced; stay tuned for more updates!

Source . and photos courtesy of Armada Entertainment

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