AO EXCLUSIVE: Hwang Min Hyun talks about his music, acting career, and wanting to visit Boracay!

PH HWANGDOs and Hwang Min Hyun reunited again after 4 years!

It was on October 7, a day before Hwang Min Hyun’s “UNVEIL” mini-concert in Manila, a press conference was held at Novotel Manila, Araneta City, and The Annyeong Oppa team was in attendance at the said event. Lucky PH Hwangdo was also present that day.

Hwang Min Hyun‘s journey as a performer started in 2012 when he debuted as one of the members of the South Korean boy group, NU’EST. He also participated in a reality show called Produce 101 and became one of the members of Wanna One in 2017. He is now a soloist who debuted earlier this year with his mini-album, Truth or Lie.

Min Hyun is not only a talented singer but also a charismatic actor, he made his small-screen debut through the 2020 drama, Live On. He rose to stardom when he played the role of Seo Yul in the hit fantasy drama, Alchemy of Souls. He made us all fall in love deeply when he portrayed Kim Doha in his latest drama, My Lovely Liar.

It’s not a lie, Hwang Min Hyun is really charming in person, he greeted us all and said “Kumusta kayo, ako si Hwang Min Hyun” he’s so cute!

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His Acting and Singing Career

The host of the event, Kring Kim asked Hwang Min Hyun about what concept he wants to explore in his music and acting career, he answered that there are a lot of things he wants to unveil in front of his fans “So please look forward to what I have to prepare in the future”, he said.

In terms of his acting career, he mentioned that there’s no particular role he wants to portray in the future but if somebody gives him an offer, he loves the process where he has to study about it and get himself involved in it so he’s looking forward to more variety approach in the future.

About his recent drama, My Lovely Liar

Hwang Min Hyun recently starred in a mystery rom-com series, My Lovely Liar opposite Kim So Hyun. It is the story of a woman who has the ability the hear lies. He said that if he had that kind of ability, his life would be so difficult and very tiring so, he wanted to acquire a photographic memory instead.

He also shared some fun experiences during the filming of the drama. He mentioned that he had a lot of fun while filming the drama but there’s one particular scene that’s memorable for him, the camping scene between Sol Hee and Do Ha where in that scene, the director did not give them instructions on what to do, he just told them to feel relaxed as he is going on a camping trip with his girlfriend.

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When he was grilling the meat during that scene, the meat fell into the charcoal, he thought the director would not use that scene, but he used it to make the scene very natural.

Moreover, Min Hyun stated that if he were given the chance to choose which character aside from Do Ha, he would like to portray in the series, it would be the content creators in the drama, he said that what they are doing looks so fun and it would be more interesting when he would adapt the funny side of them since Do Ha’s personality is a serious one.

Hwang Min Hyun as a Traveler

We all know that Min Hyun loves to travel. when asked about his dream destination. He answered, that there of countries he has not visited so far but in the future, if he has more time, he wants to go world tour with his simple backpack on him. He mentioned as well that when he has the chance to travel to the Philippines, he would go to the summer capital of the Philippines, Boracay since he loves nature so much he heard that Boracay is a wonderful place, and it is famous for its sunset, He wants to capture it himself and share it with his Hwangdos.

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His love for Hwangdos

Hwang Min Hyun loves and cherishes Hwangdos so much that’s why, he wants his Hwangdos to listen to his song, Universe because he wants them to be happy.

“Maraming salamat po, Mahal ko kayo” his message to his Hwangdos.

The press conference wrapped up with Hwang Min Hyun saying that sweet message to his fans. It was short but sweet! He deserves all the love in this world.

Thank you so much PULP Live World for having us, we are so delighted to finally see him in the flesh.

Here is a short video about what happened during his press conference:

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