AO Exclusive: One-on-one with Han River Police’s Lee Sang-yi and Kwon Sang-woo!

“Justice. Powerful. Action.”

These are the words Lee Sang-yi used to describe Kwon Sang Woo’s character of Han Du Jin in Han River Police.

A little introduction about Han River Police

Han River Police Interview
Official Poster from Disney Plus Philippines

This action-comedy series will focus on the story of the Han River Police who patrols and maintains peace within the Han River. The officers patrolling Han River will deal with unexpected situations from everyday accidents and even the dangers of terrorism. With their skills as the police, the crew will do what it takes to maintain peace and order for the citizens to enjoy the riverside.

One-on-one with Team Annyeong Oppa

Luckily, Team Annyeong Oppa was given an opportunity to spend a one-on-one virtual interview with the lead stars of Han River Police, no other than…Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Sang Yi! The two actors greeted me and the whole Annyeong Oppa team with all smiles! And here’s the summary of our conversation below:

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Action and comedy in one

Given its title, police involvement in every drama series may treat its audiences with anticipated action scenes. On top of it, Han River Police will bring in some laughter with its audiences! So we asked the actors how they balance and synergize the action and comedy in the series.

Han River Police Lee Sang-yi and Kwon Sang-woo

As to Kwon Sang Woo: Honestly, we weren’t able to visualize the comedy upon reading the script. Since the drama contains a lot of action, we tried infusing the comedy while shooting it.

Relating to their characters in real life

We were curious to ask the lead actors if they could relate to their characters in real life. So we asked them if there was a certain trait from their portrayed roles that they could relate to.

Here are their answers:

Han River Police Lee Sang-yi and Kwon Sang-woo

Lee Sang-yi: My role is a villain but I noticed how straightforward my character is, and he is the type of person who cannot be stopped by anything. Just like how I prepared my role for this drama…but I am not an evil person like my character! 

Kwon Sang-woo: As Han Du-jin, I am a member of the Han River Police Force, so I will do everything to ensure the safety of the area. I can relate to this character because Du-jin is someone who is diligent, and very proactive. 

A line that struck them the most

A question that they considered a tough one! To actor Kwon Sang-woo, instead of a line, he was really struck with the role of Sang-yi. Because, unlike the predictable police roles, Ki-seok stood out the most. 

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For Lee Sang-yi, the Korean slang “Am I out? Am I a throwaway card?” is his answer. I think we’ll have to watch Han River Police religiously to watch out for this line!

How they will describe each other’s characters

Lastly, to end our encounter, I asked them to describe their characters oppositely. Kwon Sang-woo described Go Ki-seok, he said: fun, evil, and scary. 

Han River Police Lee Sang-yi and Kwon Sang-woo

For Lee Sang-yi, he impressed us with some English and answered us with these words to describe Han Du-jin: justice, powerful, and action. 

If we want to catch these words coming into action, all we have to do is watch Han River Police now available on Disney Plus Philippines!

You may also watch the full interview below:

We would like to thank Disney Plus Philippines, Lee Sang-yi, and Kwon Sang-woo for accommodating Team Annyeong Oppa!

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