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We feel you when you say “I need my Seventeen x Ateez crumbs!”, as a multi-stan, it’s natural to wish for your faves to have even the slightest interactions.

During the recent Balmain SS 2023 Fashion Show, Hongjoong and The8 both went viral for their dashing, high-fashioned looks and even sat across from each other during the event (we’re still hoping for a picture together! Fingers crossed). 

Seventeen successfully dropped their latest mini album, “Seventeeth Heaven” last October 23. For ATINY, a little patience is expected from you as we await ATEEZ’s full album, The World EP. Fin: Will, that will drop on December 1!

So while we all wait for another round of Seventeen and Ateez crumbs, we’ve rounded up some songs that you can listen to and take as our warm hug (with little feels) to all CaraTinys out there. 

Don’t Wanna Cry 

A classic Seventeen song that never fails to hit the right feels. The melody and lyrics show us the pain of missing someone and wanting to hold back tears even though it’s painful.  

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A real tear-jerking track from Ateez. This is a warm embrace for everyone who’s facing uncertainty and confusion in this turbulent dark world, and an assurance that it’s alright even if we feel that way and that there will always be lighter days. 

F*ck My Life 

A song that shouts anger and frustration for feeling like being the only fool out there who’s lost and numb. But even though that’s what you’re feeling now, you’re hoping that someday, you’ll be able to find yourself. 

One Day at a Time 

A full English track from Ateez that delivers encouragement and comfort. As you go on your journey, there will always be someone who’s going to walk slowly with you, ‘one day at a time’.

To You 

An ode for the person who gives a piece of happiness in this ‘whirlpool’ we call life. This is a thankful dedication for all the warmth and comfort that you receive which makes you wonder that if there’s an eternal love then you might have found that person. 

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A dreamy song that shifts your feelings of fear and loneliness to courage and solitariness. It conveys the message that you’re not afraid anymore as you’ve already found your ‘aurora’, the light that fills up the darkest nights. 

What do you think about this list? We’re pretty sure there are still a lot more good songs to add here. Share with us your thoughts. 

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