ENHYPEN’s Jungwon surprises fans with his “GENTO” Dance Challenge

Filo-ENGENEs are winning again!

ENHYPEN’s leader, Yang Jungwon, uploaded on September 1 his entry to the “GENTO” Dance Challenge on TikTok.

Since “GENTO” has been trending and K-Pop idols are covering the dance, ENGENEs didn’t miss a chance to request ENHYPEN to cover the dance.

Surprise! It happened.

Filo-ENGENEs were indeed surprised and beyond happy that Jungwon heard their request and celebrated by sharing it on different social media platforms.

This is not the first time ENHYPEN listened to a P-Pop song. When an ENGENE recommended a song for Jungwon to listen to, they recommended Raining in Manila by Lola Amour.

Jake also listened to the song after Filo-ENGENEs requested it to be played.

ENHYPEN also listened and covered to other OPM songs like Fallen by Lola Amour, YK by Cean Jr., Manila by Young Cocoa, and Give Me Your Forever by Zack Tabudlo.

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As of the moment, ENHYPEN recently flew to Japan, the second stop for their FATE World Tour.

Featured image courtesy of @enhypen on Instagram.

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