A story of love and betrayal, ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ is now airing on Philippine TV

The 2021 Korean series and Channel A’s highest-rated drama, ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House‘, premiered last August 14th on the GMA Heart of Asia channel.

Starring Song Yoon Ah, Jeon So Min, Lee Sung Jae, and Hwang Chansung, it is a mystery melodrama about a woman (Song Yoon Ah) who cheered for another woman’s (Jeon So Min) affair, not knowing that the affair is with her husband (Lee Sung Jae).

‘Show Window: The Queen’s House posters courtesy of Channel A

Last year, the drama also aired on GMA at a later timeslot, but this time you can watch it in three timeslots on the Heart of Asia channel: 7:20 AM / 1:40 PM / 8:20 PM.

Love? Deception? Betrayal? Crime?

Watch this thrilling drama and find out whose lives would be saved or ruined in the end.

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