WATCH: Kim Sejeong invites everyone to her ‘The 門’ concert tour in Manila!

PH Sesang, are your hearts ready to meet our beloved Kim Sejeong?

Ahead of Kim Sejeong’s most anticipated event, Wilbros Live shared a video message of her expressing her excitement to see PH Sesang on her ‘The 門’ concert tour in Manila which will be held on October 1 at the New Frontier Theater.

(Courtesy of Wilbros Live)

“Mabuhay Philippines! Ako po si Kim Sejeong. SESANG, I am excited to announce that 2023 KIM SEJEONG 1ST CONCERT TOUR ‘THE 門’ IN MANILA will be held on Sunday, October 1st at New Frontier Theater. I am already excited and it feels like a dream thinking of meeting SESANG in person in the Philippines. I will also work hard to prepare a performance with memorable songs that will come to mind when you think of me, Kim Sejeong. I kindly ask for a lot of your support and love. See you all on October 1st. Let’s all have fun together! Salamat at Mahal ko kayo!”

– Kim Sejeong

She’s so sweet!

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Moreover, Kim Sejeong is currently starring as Do Hana in the hit fantasy series, The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch.

She will be having her comeback after 2 years with her album, ‘The 門’ which is set to release on September 4, 6 PM, KST.

Tickets to 2023 KIM SEJEONG 1st CONCERT in Manila will be on sale beginning Saturday, August 19 at 10 AM via and all TicketNet outlets nationwide.

Don’t miss this chance to have fun and create a memorable night at Kim Sejong’s first-ever concert here in Manila!

Grab your tickets starting on August 19 and witness how charming and talented Kim Sejeong is in person.

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