5 Reasons why “King The Land” is a must-watch rom-com series on Netflix!

Looking for a great rom-com series that will surely give you butterflies and make you grin from ear to ear? It’s King The Land mga bes! It is one of the best rom-com series you shouldn’t miss!

King the Land is a classic rom-com series that depicts a comical love story of Gu Won, a chaebol heir who detests fake smiles, and a bubbly hotelier Cheon Sa Rang.

Below are the reasons why you should consider watching this series.

1. Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona’s Perfect Chemistry

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Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona’s chemistry is insane!

Jun Ho plays the role of Guwon while Yoona plays the role of Sarang. It feels so good to see them in one drama together as we often see them perform on stage. Their tandem brings so much kilig to us and will make us all smile. Both their comical and romantic chemistry are so great, they are both suitable for their respective roles.

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Witness how Guwon and Sarang gradually fall in love with each other, they will bring Love (Sarang in Korean) and Salvation (Guwon in Korean) to all of us.

2. Second Lead Couple

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Here’s another couple that will surely give us butterflies!

Our “King Air” couple, Oh Pyeong Hwa and Lee Ro Woon portrayed by Go Won Hee and Kim Jae Won, respectively. Ro Woon is like Pyeong Hwa’s knight in shining armor who always saves her when something happens to her. It’s so touching how he shows her adoration for her and how he pursues Pyeong Hwa. You’ll root for them, certainly!

3. Adorable Friendship

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This drama is not complete without its lovable and adorable squad!

The adorable friendship of Sarang, Da-Eul, and Pyeong Hwa is really admirable, in good times and in bad times, they are always there for each other.

On the other hand, Guwon and No Sang Sik (Ahn Se Ha) may not be related in blood but they show a great brotherhood in this series.

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4. Relatable Work Life Story

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Once we finished our studies, we will surely realize that adulting is hard and we are stepping into the real world where we are getting along with various people and facing challenges in our life and career.

This drama shows the relatable circumstances in our careers, we have different paths and struggles in pursuing them. King The Land somehow will make you realize that whatever circumstances you are facing right now, you’re appreciated, and you are doing great!

5. Captivating OST

Of course, this drama has beautiful and captivating OSTs as well. The song Yellow Light by Gaho and Punch‘s Keep Me Busy are my favorites.

It’s your sign mga bes, binge watch it now on Netflix!

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