BE YOU 3: THE WORLD WILL SMILE a special night for all generations!

Look back with us on how BE YOU 3: THE WORLD WILL SMILE put us on a rollercoaster of emotions, and how it left us with a very memorable and delightful smile last July 23, 2023, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Trainee Æ ‘Project Z’ was the front act as they wowed the audience with their performances “Isang Minuto”, “I want you” by SB19, and “Amazon”. This is no surprise that Filipino artists are really talented! Their vocals, dance moves, and the entire performance were really superb! For sure they will go into places! Please look forward to them! (Lezzgo P-pop!!)

Trainee Æ ‘Project Z’

Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario were the next performers as Vhong flawlessly danced his way to the stage while Jhong showed his famous backflip! With remix and mash-up songs, Vhong and Jhong also performed with the kids from the community as they danced together with famous Tiktok trendy songs and ended with SB19’s ‘GENTO’.

Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario together with the kids from the cleft lip and palate community.

Followed by the next performer, Ice Seguerra sang “I’ll be there for you” together with Jerome and Kyle from the cleft lip and palate community. Ice also performed “With a Smile” with the children from the community. As the kids on stage were smiling and hugging each other, we can’t hide our smiles too! Seeing how the children engage on stage as if we are being hugged as well!

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Ice Seguerra with Jerome and Kyle from the cleft lip and palate community.
Ice Seguerra with the kids from the cleft lip and palate community.

After that, Nobita a rock band sang “Wag Ka Nang Umiyak” as the Vocalist dedicates the song to those who are going through something. (bes, laban lang, kaya natin to!).

The band also performed one of their hit song “Ikaw Lang”. Their performance ended with the song “Awit ng Kabataan” as everyone at the venue enjoyed and sing along with loud cheers!


After all the Filipino artists, we are now here at the exciting part! Raise your lightsticks and scream!! The K-pop craze is on its way!

The first performer was no other than Nam Woohyun of Infinite. Truly as how handsome he is, and how his smooth moves on stage as he performed “Hold On Me”, “Calm and Passion”, “Diary”, “Lonely Night” and the encore song, “Shooting Star” (OST of Shooting Star).

It’s only been a month since he went here in the Philippines to perform but he was so happy to be able to visit again. Nam Woohyun also said that Infinite will have a comeback so please support the group and Inspirits too! We also hope that Inspirit can include the country in their tour! (Manifest natin, Inspirit!!)

Nam Woo Hyun of Infinite

The next group to perform was CIX. The group has breathtaking dance moves and vocals, especially from the member Seunghun who was sadly injured but gave his 200%! It was CIX’s first time in the Philippines. CIX said that they hope to be back to give a better performance. So Fix, let’s make this dream come true! The group performed “Save Me, Kill Me”, “Lost”, “Movie Star”, “Cinema”, and “Color”. (Grabe yung vocals nila, bes!!)

Seunghun of CIX is seated as he is injured. 🥺

The next artist was Lee Minhyuk of BTOB. Melody proved their existence with the flash of lights that sparkled the venue showing their slow blue ocean! Lee Minhyuk was wearing a jersey shirt at first which he then removed showing his muscle tee inside.

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Lee Minhyuk showcases his amazing vocals, rap, and dance moves as he performs “I’m Rare”, “Dear My Spring”, “Tonight” (With Melody), and the encore song, “BOOM” with a tease from Minhyuk as he showed his perfectly sculptured abs that he worked hard for! Minhyuk also said that the year 2017 was the last time he went here to the Philippines. We really hope to see you again together with BTOB! As he said “Kita kits naman kami”. (Bes, hindi ko alam bakit ganun pero ibig nya sabihin kita kits ulit kasama buong BTOB! I-manifest na natin! 🙏🏻)

Lee Minhyuk of BTOB

Last but not least, Apink! The group said that it has been 5-6 years since the last time they went to the Philippines and that they are thankful and grateful to join this event. They would also like to give a gift to Pink Pandas and have a solo concert in the country! They really hope that the people from the agency are listening and will push to make it happen. (Manifest na natin: Apink Solo Concert in Manila!)

The group performed with outstanding vocals and dance moves with their famous songs “DND”, “Duhmdurum”, “Mr. Chu”, “NONONO”, and “I’m So Sick”. So much Beauty, Aegyo, Sexiness, and Talent this group has! What a great way to end the night! Sing and dance with Pink Panda and everyone at the venue. For sure we will miss all the artists who performed that night.

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The amazing night ended with Filipino and Korean performers, from different generations and concertgoers that filled the venue with cheers! Truly, it was a night that was enjoyed by everyone together with the cleft lip and palate community. We hope you all enjoyed too as much as we did. Until the next!

Some snippets on how fans supported the artists and the event, until our next one!! Thank you, Inspirit, Fix, Melody, and Pink Panda! ♡

Special thanks to Neuwave Events and Productions for the successful event and we look forward to more events like this that we get to enjoy with the different types of communities.

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