On July 24th, global pop group HORI7ON has successfully made their debut through the release of their first full album ‘Friend-SHIP’.

The members showed off their energetic charms on the title track ‘SIX7EEN’, with the official music video already surpassing 3 million views on YouTube.

HORI7ON will officially kick off their promotions in South Korea and is set to perform ‘SIX7EEN’ on MNET M Countdown stage today in the afternoon.

‘SIX7EEN’ is a song with an addictive melody and with the chorus making it unique with a slap bass. As the lyrics relay messages of a confident teenager with a perfect hexagonal skill set, the cheerful ceremony also shows happy energy.

Started off from the survival-reality show ‘Dream Maker’, the members have a strong foundation of skills and are now ready to show off more of their musical colors.

In their recently held showcase last 24th, they revealed that they “want to show off HORI7ON’s endless charms to the whole world”.

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They also promised to always do their best and show better performances as they start their journey in taking on the global stage.

Watch out for HORI7ON’s first debut performance which will be aired live on MNET’s M Countdown this July 27th.

Source: PR from MLD Entertainment

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