Be Closer in Manila: Lee Sung Kyoung reunites with her Filipino fans!

There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite celebrities in real life. It’s such a surreal moment. You’ll feel a moment of rush inside of you. You will cry, definitely. And it will be one of the best moments of your life.

But nothing beats seeing your favorite celebrity more than once in your life.

4 years since her first-ever Manila fan meeting, Lee Sung Kyoung is back to greet her Filipino fans.

Days before her Manila fan meeting, Lee Sung Kyoung shared her excitement on her Instagram story.

Lee Sung Kyoung posting these on her Instagram shows that her 2019 fan meeting with her Filipino fans was a memorable one and she can’t wait to create another memory with her fans.

Meeting Lee Sung Kyoung again

Last July 8, 2023, the SM North Edsa Skydome was filled with her loving fans who can’t wait to meet her. You’ll see various banners created by fans showing their love for her.

As Lee Sung Kyoung entered the stage, there were loud screams. She sang her own version of IU’s “Hold My Hand”. As her fan, it made me cry a bit because I cannot believe that she was right in front of me after 4 long years.

The multi-talented Lee Sung Kyoung went on to greet her fans. She even spoke Tagalog and said “Masaya akong andito ako. Namiss ko kayo”.

Let’s Go! Sung Kyoung Trip!

The first part of the show is titled “Let’s Go! Sung Kyoung’s Trip”.

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On the screen, there were 3 videos of her that were shown with their respective hashtags. Sung Kyoung went on to explain what those videos meant.

The first video was about Lee Sung Kyoung working out. When the video was shown on the screen, she was so embarrassed and wanted to turn the screen off! She is so cute! She also shared that she loves working out and she mostly focuses on the upper parts of her body. No wonder she looks so fit! #WorkOut #NoRest

Next, was a video of her which appears to be during a photo shoot. The hashtags for this photo were #Sunshine #SecretPoctorial #LovelyExpression. Lee Sung Kyoung shared that this photo shoot was held during the winter and even though she was sharing a skirt and it seems sunny, they were all feeling cold and had to have hot packs during the shot. She was doing her best to finish the photo shoot right away because everyone was feeling cold. She doesn’t want to delay the shoot any longer because of the cold weather. Our very considerate Biblee!

The last video of her was actually taken without her knowing! It was during the shoot of Dr. Romantic 3. She shared, “I saw the camera director with the sun hitting on him so I helped and covered him with an umbrella”. The hashtags were very fitting for this situation! #Heavy #MustProtect

Sung Kyoung’s Awards

Just like any awards show for our favorite dramas and movies, there will be a winner for this too!

For this part, there were three categories and Lee Sung Kyoung had to pick one as a winner.

The first one was the Filipino food that she wants to eat. The choices were sinigang, bulalo sisig, and adobo. Guess what she picked? Sisig!

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Sung Kyoung also shared that she has never tried the food listed above but she will be having a Filipino food tour the next day! She’s actually so excited about it and said that she will eat it all!

The next category was her choice of Filipino dessert. Among the choices were bibingka, halo-halo, mango float, and buko pie. Sung Kyoung picked mango float because she loves mangos! Good choice because Philippine mangoes are the most delicious!

Lastly, it’s a category for her co-stars that she’d want to meet again in another project! Sung Kyoung couldn’t pick one so she picked all of them! Hopefully, she gets to work with Lim Won Hee, Lee Hong Nae, Lee Sin Young, and Yoon Na Mu again in the future!

Video introduction from her Dr. Romantic co-stars!

While the fans are waiting for her to come back on stage, a sweet video introduction was made by her co-stars! So Ju Yeon, Kim Min Jae, and Ahn Hyo Seop said a few words about her which made all the fans scream! Her fans surely love her drama, Dr. Romantic!

Amazing performance by the multi-talented actress

Lee Sung Kyoung came back on stage as Cha Eun Jae of Dr. Romantic! She sang the OST from Dr. Romantic 2 titled “My Love” by Chung Ha.

Then, Lee Sung Kyoung went on to perform a K-pop dance medley! This was most requested by her fans and everyone loved her performance! She’s really a great dancer!

Games with her beloved fans

Finally, the last part of the show wherein she gets to interact with her fans!

The first game was called “TMI OX” which will test the fans’ knowledge of Lee Sung Kyoung! The prize for this game is one-of-a-kind since it’s a tumbler that Lee Sung Kyoung herself personally decorated with love!

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The second game was the “2 Steps To You: Heart Pounding Relay Game” in which Sung Kyoung has to play 3x with her fans. It was indeed very heart-pounding! Lucky fans get to play with her on stage! Luckily, the first group won and they received a signed photo of Lee Sung Kyoung as a prize! All the fans from the section who won received the prize!

The third and final game was called “One Step To You: Let’s Go! Be Closer!” Lee Sung Kyoung has to play a set of games and if she fails, she will receive a punishment. Fans actually want to see her fail so she’ll have to do the punishment but the ever-nice Sung Kyoung said that she’s do the punishment even if she wins!

One of her punishments was to do the “I’m sorry for being cute” challenge. Lee Sung Kyoung shared that she was unaware of this challenge but luckily, a fan helped her and showed her the steps to the video and she did it! You can see the video here!


Lee Sung Kyoung doing the “I’m sorry for being cute” challenge! SHE IS SOOO CUTE 😭😭 #BeCLOSERinMNL #LeeSungKyoung #LeeSungKyoungInManila

♬ 可愛くてごめん (feat. かぴ) – HoneyWorks

Finally, Lee Sung Kyoung performed Disney’s “Reflection”! A Disney song was also one of the most requested by her fans! Her angelic voice is so beautiful!

And since the fan meeting is close to ending, Lee Sung Kyoung still doesn’t want to say goodbye! So, she asked her fans what else would they like to see so she did some of it!

She sang a bit of her song “Love” and danced to “Hype Boy”! She is the sweetest artist ever! She is always willing to give out to her fans whenever they ask for it!

Finally, her fan meeting truly ended. She said goodbye to her fans. She thanked them for coming to see her again after 4 years. She did a bunch of photo ops with the audience, on each side, and even repeated them again when the fans asked her for another one! She’s such a sweetheart and very bubbly! Her good personality always reflects how she talks and acts. She’s one of the best people that I know!

Image courtesy of Applewood

Before leaving the stage, she asks the audience: “If I come back, will you come back again to watch me?

Yes, we definitely will! See you again next time Lee Sung Kyoung! Thank you for another wonderful and memorable night!

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