Lee Sung Kyoung is one of the South Korean actresses who receive so much love from fans not only locally but also Internationally. Well, how can you not love her? she’s so gorgeous, and talented, and most especially, she possesses positive traits that everyone looks up to (the reason why I love her so much).

She is currently having her 2023 Asia fan meeting tour and her next stop is the Philippines. Few days left until the D-day but before that, let’s get closer to the multitalented Lee Sung Kyoung first.

1. A Supermodel

Lee Sung Kyoung started her career in modeling that’s why she is so good at presenting herself in front of the camera. Every pose and every angle of her look so perfect, a supermodel indeed. She got the charm and physique, a work of art that you can’t take your eyes off.

2. Has an Angelic Voice

Yes! Sung Kyung can captivate you with her voice since she is a great singer, she has a sweet calming voice that is pleasant to the ears. No wonder various artists love to collaborate with her.

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In 2021, she had a special collaboration with South Korean hip-hop artist, Loco with the song, Love. She also showcased her great collaborative vocal when she sang True Colors with Park Hyung Sik.

3. Has Captivating Moves

Sung Kyoung is a total performer since she can dance as well. Various videos of her dancing will surely amaze you. She got the swag in dancing bes and can set the dance floor on fire when her body starts to move! Her dance cover of the song Confetti is proof enough that she undoubtedly has captivating moves.

She is so qualified to become an Idol. She’s so talented.

4. Top-tier Actress

Lee Sung Kyung already proved her versatility in multiple dramas she starred in. This year, she appeared in Call It Love and the hit medical series, Doctor Romantic 3. Aside from her acting skills, her chemistry with her partners is also commendable. You can get easily immersed in her character when you watch her in a drama. She is surely a top-tier actress!

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Don’t miss this chance to meet her in person and witness how lovable and talented she is in her upcoming fan meeting on July 8 at SM Sky Dome. Grab your tickets now via CDM Entertainment’s website.

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