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EXID is a South Korean girl group that debuted in February 2012, with the single “Whoz That Girl”. They are known for their hits such as “Up & Down”, “DDD”, and more.

Around 2019 and 2020, the members of EXID left Banana Culture Entertainment. On their 10th year anniversary, EXID has assured LEGGOs that they are here to stay and released a commemorative album called “X”.

Currently, EXID as a group is on hiatus. However, the members are active and working on their solo projects. Let’s check out what the girls are currently doing!


In 2022, she released her first mini-album called “First Letter”. 

This year, Solji debuted in the South Korean production of Six the Musical, where she plays Katherine Howard. Recently, she also released a single as part of the original soundtrack for the webtoon “Nine Us” called “Miracle”.

There is no doubt that Solji has powerful vocals and is knowledgeable on the subject of vocals. She was actually a vocal trainer for EXID before becoming a part of the group. In 2021, it was reported that Solji was a professor of practical music and vocals at Yongin University of Arts and Science. Early this year, she became a vocal coach for Boys Planet.

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In 2022, Elly wrote “Kiss” and “In The Air (777)” for girl group TRI.BE, who are also under TR Entertainment.

This year, Elly finally signed an exclusive contract with TR Entertainment, which was founded by Shinsadong Tiger who is one of her longtime collaborators. She also has writing credits for TRI.BE’s second mini album, “W.A.Y.

Elly is currently planning on releasing a solo album. Let us be sure to support her when it releases!


In 2019, Hani announced that she will be starting a career as an actress under her birth name, Ahn Hee Yeon. She is doing a great job and has had many projects ever since.

In 2022, she had a main role in “Hit the Spot”, a mature romance drama. She also hosted “Merry Queer”, a show featuring stories of queer couples on their ‘coming out’ journeys. She also did a cameo in “Ghost Doctor”.

This year, Hani starred in “Call It Love”, a romance drama along with Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang. She will also be starring in a theater play called “3 Days of Rain”, from July 25 to October 1. 

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In 2021, Hyelin debuted solo with her single “Lonely”.

In 2022, she sang “Love Letter” from the Cherry Blossoms After Winter OST. She was also a guest performer on episode three of “Travel Track”, a show where influencers and artists visit tourist attractions in various cities in South Korea. She also created a Youtube channel called “고딕체,” where she reviews various beauty products. She also created her new shoe brand called “SPP”, where she aims to contribute to fashion destroying prejudices against age or sex.

This year, Hyelin moderated the production presentation of “Delicious Guys”, a mukbang entertainment show.


In 2021, Jeonghwa starred in “One the Woman”, a romance and mystery drama.

In 2023, Jeonghwa started a Youtube channel called “박정화 Jeonghwa”. On the channel, she posts updates about her daily life. She will also be starring as Lee Aureum in the upcoming drama “Mask Girl”. She was also cast in the lead role of the upcoming movie “FEVER”.

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Even if EXID is not promoting as a group right now, they are currently flourishing in their chosen paths. Check out their projects and support them if you can!

All concept photos are from @exidstaff (Twitter) which is followed by the official EXID account

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