5 Reasons Why “Doctor Cha” is the Hit Netflix Medical Drama You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Sadly, another awesome medical series has recently come to an end.

Doctor Cha revolves around a woman named Cha Jeong Suk who is married to a chief surgeon named Seo In Ho. After being a full-time housewife for the past 20 years, she decided to pursue her dream to become a doctor and continue her medical residency.

Here are the reasons why this medical drama is a must-watch series on Netflix!

1. Empowering role of Uhm Jung Hwa

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Uhm Jung Hwa once again proved that she’s not only a great total performer but also a great actress as well!

She plays the role of Cha Jeong Suk, a full-time housewife for the past 20 years. One occurrence in her life made her decide to pursue her dream to become a doctor and continue her medical residency.

Her role empowers every woman, mother, wife, and dreamer out there. Through her role, you’ll get to appreciate your mothers more.

2. Second Lead Syndrome

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It’s another second lead syndrome again and again!

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Min Woo Hyuk plays the role of a charismatic surgeon named Roy Kim. He and Jeong Suk had a doctor-patient relationship at first. They become close when they met in the same hospital where Jeong Suk is taking her residency. Little does Jeong Suk know that Roy Kim has feelings for her.

Roy Kim’s affection and care for Jeong Suk become stronger when he discovered that Jeong Suk’s husband is cheating on her. He wanted to protect Jeong Suk and always cheer for her.

3. Love Triangle

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The friction between Roy Kim and Seo In Ho is something you shouldn’t miss.

Despite his infidelity toward Jeong Suk, he doesn’t want her to be with Roy Kim. She is jealous when they are together. In Ho and Roy Kim look so funny when they are fighting over Jeong Suk, they look like kids fighting over candy.

Will In Ho realize the significance of having Jeong Suk in his life? Will the feelings of Roy Kim be reciprocated this time?

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4. Second Lead Couple

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Song Ji Ho portrays the role of a first-year surgical resident named Seo Jung Min, he is the son of Cha Jeong Suk. She hates the idea of his son dating the third-year resident named Jeon So Ra played by Jo Ah Ram because she scolds her junior when they do something wrong and she thinks that So Ra is not good enough for his son. Little does Jeong Suk know that his son is already dating his senior.

Jung Min and Ah Ram look so cute together. Witness how they intensely hide the fact that they are dating and how will Jeong Suk gets close to So Ra

5. Life Realizations

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Kim Byung Chul plays the role of Seo In Ho and Myung Se Bin portrays Choi Seung Hi’s character. They are the eye opener characters telling us that there’s always a price to pay for every choice we make.

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Moreover, Cha Jeong Suk’s character leaves a great realization in our life, that despite all the negativities in our life, there are so many things you have to be thankful for and that being able to wake up every morning is a huge blessing from God.

“I’m grateful for everything I’m able to see because I’m alive. So I believe that I’m happy at this moment, as it is”

-Cha Jeong Suk

The story of family, life, and love will surely touch your heart.

You will certainly laugh and cry as well while watching this series, so what are you waiting for? start binge-watching it now mga bes!

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