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Nam Woohyun wishes to comeback in Manila

On May 13, Nam Woohyun successfully ended his special live performance at the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 coronation night at MOA ARENA.

His performance was divided into two parts which were intended for the live audiences.

He graced the arena with his songs such as ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Lonely Night’

After his electrifying performance, he then greeted the Filipino INSPIRITs who had waited for him for a long time.

Hi, I’m from Korean Boygroup INFINITE, Nam Woohyun! Hello! Hello Philippines! Hello Inspirit, Thankyou!

Nam Woohyun

With this simple phrase, the heart of the INSPIRITs definitely melted and replied with loudest cheer across the arena.

There was a huge gap between his appearances, and the Filipino INSPIRITs waited patiently until the end in order to show their full support for Nam Woohyun.

Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Philippines

The arena went wild as soon as he showed up again, and the energy of the fans was definitely incomparable.

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He serenaded the crowd with his famous solo songs such as ‘Nod Nod’ and ‘ You’re my Lady’

What’s interesting the non-kpop fans and most of the pageant fans appreciated his vocals and loved his performance.

Before he exits the stage, he was given a chance to do a small talk with the crowd and expressed his gratitude to the Miss Universe Philippines and INSPIRITs

I wanted to thank everyone [INSPIRITs] who stayed until the very end even though it’s already late.

I also wanted to thank the Miss Universe PH organization for inviting me to such an amazing and glamorous stage.

With the multitude of support and love he received, he expressed his interest of coming back in Manila hopefully next year.

He also added that if there’s a chance he wants to comeback next year for a solo concert or a concert with his group, INFINITE.

… maybe next time for a solo concert or a concert with INFINITE… thank you so much.

Nam Woohyun

With these words Filipino INSPIRITs are looking forward to seeing them again in the future.


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The Miss Universe Philippines 2023 is Michelle Dee of Makati City and will represent the country in the upcoming Miss Universe 2023 which is set to take place in El Salvador by the end of the year.

All photos courtesy of Miss Universe Philippines

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