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NCT Dream members share their favorite song + talks about touring as 7DREAM

NCT Dream held a press conference last April 30 prior to the second and last night of their sold-out two-night ‘The Dream Show 2: In A Dream’ in Manila. 

The previous night at the MOA Arena, the group performed a high-energy set that included some of their biggest hits like ‘Glitch Mode,’ ‘Beatbox,’ and ‘Candy,’ leaving the audience craving for another day.

As the press conference commenced, NCT Dream’s Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, and Haechan introduced themselves one by one. Renjun then playfully pointed out that Chenle, their fellow member, was also present, saying, “We also have Chenle!” and gesturing towards him in the backdrop. 

When NCT Dream held their first solo concert, it was in a smaller venue compared to the massive MOA Arena. During a recent press conference, the group was asked about their thoughts on performing in a larger arena. Haechan responded by acknowledging the loyal support of their fans, saying, “We knew that many Czennies were waiting for us, and although we regret that we haven’t had a solo concert in Manila in the last three years, we are excited to perform at a bigger venue tonight and have fun with our fans.”

Moreover, NCT Dream were asked if there were any Filipino phrases that they remembered. Renjun expressed his affection for their Filipino fans and recalled the phrase “Mahal Ko Kayo,” which means “I love you all.” Mark humbly shared that they are still in the process of learning the language. Haechan then playfully asked the host to teach them another phrase. The host proceeded to teach them how to say “you’re beautiful” in Filipino, which is “Maganda ka.” 

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NCT Dream has undeniably made a name for themselves as one of the hottest and most popular K-Pop groups in the industry. When asked about what they attribute their success to, Mark explained, “Success is a very tricky word. I think we can all be successful if you’ll just put your mind into it, we all can be currently successful in a way. For NCT Dream, from the beginning of our debut we just want to spread happiness to the people who listen to our music and see our stage. And we are succeeding in that. This is our job to continue to do that, to spread happiness as much as we can in the future.”

NCT Dream’s “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” marks the group’s first concert as a seven-member group. When asked about their feelings about touring together, Jeno expressed their excitement at the prospect of traveling together as a complete group. However, they couldn’t help but feel saddened by Chenle’s absence during their stay in Manila. Nevertheless, Jeno shared that this only motivates them to return to Manila in the future, complete as a group, and create more unforgettable memories with their fans.

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“We are really looking forward to us, the seven members traveling together. However, we are sad that Chenle was not able to come with us (in Manila). But, it’s another reason for us to come back here in Manila in the future as a complete group.”

During an interview, NCT Dream members were asked which NCT Dream song they could sing for the rest of their lives. Haechan revealed that he would choose “Irreplaceable,” while Jisung opted for “Graduation,” as he felt it reflected their personal story as a group. Renjun, on the other hand, recommended “Trigger the Fever” because of its upbeat and positive vibes, explaining that it gave him strength. 

As the press conference came to a close, NCT Dream members departed with beaming smiles, leaving a lasting impression on the members of the press. NCT Dream’s “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour. 

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