Your favorite girl group, ITZY is back in Manila once again! Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna are all set to grace the Philippine stage once again, as they meet their beloved Filipino MIDZY fans. And this time, they’re partnering with the iconic Filipino lifestyle brand, BENCH, to make their return even more special.

Prior to the fan meeting, members of the press were given the opportunity to sit down with the ITZY girls for an exclusive press conference. During the event, the journalists had the chance to ask Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna some questions and get to know them better. It was an exciting moment for both the press and the members of ITZY, as they shared their thoughts and experiences about their music, their fans, and their time in Manila.

Earlier this year, ITZY successfully completed their two-day concert tour in Manila. When asked how they felt about performing in front of their Filipino fans, the girls expressed their enjoyment and amazement at the energy of the Filipino MIDZYs. They shared that the experience was unforgettable for them.

Chaeryeong said, “Being able to meet the MIDZYs after such a long time, I was very happy to see them once again. While onstage, I got to interact with fans and see them eye to eye. So, I really enjoyed our time here in the Philippines.”

In June 2022, BENCH, a leading clothing brand, named K-pop sensation ITZY as part of its Global Ambassadors. The announcement was met with excitement by the group, who shared their thoughts on the partnership.

ITZY expressed their gratitude for being selected to represent the brand, stating that they were delighted to join the esteemed pool of global ambassadors. The group also highlighted their appreciation for comfortable and well-fitting clothing, noting that BENCH’s apparel met their standards.

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When asked about their experience working with the BENCH team, they expressed their eagerness to establish great chemistry with both ITZY and BENCH. Additionally, they revealed their excitement for the upcoming projects and content they have planned for the future.

According to the members, Yuna and Lia stand out as the most fashionable members of the group. They also shared that they wear BENCH most of the time.

In regards to their fan meeting ‘WANNABE with BENCH’, the members shared that they have prepared various segments that would allow them to interact with their fans. Additionally, they expressed excitement about incorporating the Filipino language in their interactions with the local fans, showcasing their efforts to connect with their Filipino MIDZYs.

During the press conference, ITZY not only shared their thoughts on completing their first world tour ‘Checkmate’, but they also spoke about their experiences with Filipino fans. The members expressed their disbelief and gratitude for the opportunity to meet fans from all over the world during their tour.

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Additionally, they expressed their appreciation for the passionate and energetic Filipino fans, who leave them feeling recharged during their visits to the Philippines. ITZY eagerly anticipates more opportunities to interact with their MIDZYs and to continue connecting with their fans all over the world.

The girls of ITZY were asked about the songs they have been listening to lately. Chaeryeong shared that she has been enjoying IU’s “Secret Garden”.

They were asked in the last question what keeps them grounded, and they replied that the time they spent together as a group helps them to stay grounded and firm, along with the support of the MIDZYs.

ITZY successfully wrapped up their ‘WANNABE with BENCH‘ fanmeeting last April 16 at Mall of Asia Arena.

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