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Yoo Ji Tae wishes his “Vigilante” co-star, Nam Joo Hyuk a safe Military Enlistment

Nam Joo Hyuk is scheduled to enlist on the military police squad today, March 20, 2023.

On the same day, his Vigilante co-star, Yoo Ji Tae posted on his official Instagram account a photo of him with Nam Joo Hyuk and wrote a caption: “Take care of Yourself, Jiyong (Nam Joo Hyuk’s role in Vigilante)”

Vigilante is a webtoon-based drama that talks about a police university student named Ji Yong who lost his mother when he was young to a local gangster. He tries to find his parents’ enemies and punishes the criminals.

Nam Joo Hyuk portrays the role of Vigilante Ji Yong while Yoo Ji Tae will play the role of Jo Heon, an investigator of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit who hunts vigilantes.

Let’s look forward to this upcoming drama of them!

Stay safe and serve your country well Nam Joo Hyuk oppa, We will patiently wait until you discharge from the military.

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