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EXO’s KAI recently came back to the music scene and released his third mini album titled ‘Rover’ on March 13.

He shared in an interview, “Rover is not caring about what people think or say. It’s about just going your way freely as a wanderer.”

Moreover, the upbeat and catchy lyrics of this song give you another side of him as he moves away from his usual sensual R&B sound such as ‘Mmmh’ and ‘Peaches’.

Another song that you could dance to in this album is ‘Bomba’, which has a fresh sound from KAI as it has reggaeton beats.

Kai also mentioned that Bomba was originally one of the choices for the lead single position in his previous album, Peaches, but it was released in his latest album instead.

In addition, there are various other songs in the album such as the hip hop R&B ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Say You Love Me’, the pop song ‘Sinner’, and the R&B soul genre ‘Slidin’’.

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EXO-Ls, have you listened to KAI’s Rover, yet? If you haven’t, go check it out!

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