MAMAMOO concludes their [MY CON] world tour with a sold-out concert in Manila on February 11.

Photo courtesy of Wilbros Live

The group ended their [MY CON] tour in Manila, Philippines, after wrapping up 8 performances across Asia, including stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

Photo courtesy of Wilbros Live

The vocal queens performed their hit singles such as Hip, ILLELLA, Egotistic, Aya, Gogobebe, Starry Night, Decalcomanie and Wind Flower.

In addition, the Filo Moomoos went wild when each member started covering their bandmate’s song: Solar sang Wheein’s “water color,” Hwasa covered Moonbyul’s “Eclipse,” Wheein sang Solar’s “Honey,” Moonbyul sang Hwasa’s “Twit,” and the group sang Hwasa’s “Maria” and Solar’s “Spit It Out.”

The coliseum was filled with laughter when the girls started saying Filipino slang such as “Shot Puno”,”Diyos ko po!” “Grabe!”

Photo courtesy of Mamamoo’s Facebook page

While talking to the Filipino Moomoo’s during the latter part of the show, Solar got an amazing [play]money cake in celebration for her birthday.

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Meanwhile, another cake also given in celebrating the arrival of the powerful girl group on their sold-out concert.

Photo courtesy of Wilbros Live

Lastly, the girls concluded the show with their encore performance of “Better”,” Yes I Am”, “Universe”, “L.I.E.C” and “Um Oh Ah Yeah”

Photo courtesy of Wilbros Live

If Manila will be our last tour stop, we are very thankful because we are overwhelmed and filled with love. We will always remember your passion for us, and we will be back. Please wait for us


We will make sure we will return to the Philippines, so I hope you will wait for us.


Congratulations and we will be waiting for you MAMAMOO!

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