The additional show for MANIFESTO in Manila was announced by concert promoter PULP Live World in December of last year. Which makes fans happier than ever.

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It comes as no surprise that ENHYPEN, one of the newest K-pop powerhouses, will perform a three-day, jam-packed concert in Manila in February given their expanding international fan base.

With that, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss seeing MANIFESTO in Manila!


Millions of fans have been won over by Heeseung’s vocal prowess and amazing dancing skills, and they now lavishly adore and support him. Moreover, he has a stunning visual that has drawn the admiration of many fans in addition to his amazing personality and charm.

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Along with his natural talent, charisma, and appeal, you’ll get to see his hidden Filipino side.


Jay is naturally seen as one who looks after his younger siblings as he is part of the ENHYPEN’s hyung line. Nevertheless, he also shows his love for ENGENE’s by making sure that he completes their half-heart hand signals with his own.

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As a trainee who made his debut in a short period of time and impressed the majority of the judges during the survival show, Jake attracted a lot of attention from the other contestants as well as from the fans.

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And being one of the native English speakers from their group, we will get to hear Jake’s Aussie accent LIVE.


Sunghoon certainly understands how to occasionally heat up the internet for someone who goes by the moniker of “Ice Prince.” In addition to this, he exudes a lovely personality and strong charm that are irresistible that totally mesmerized all the fans.

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As the leader of ENHYPEN, Jungwon is well-known to be more than devoted and always willing to be serious or caring when called upon.

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And we all know that Jungwon has a distinct shine to him, not only because of his abilities on stage but also because of his great charm and lovely demeanor, which he has shown to his fans.

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We are all aware of Sunoo’s ability to cheer people up not only his members but also their fans. He’s ENHYPEN’s sunshine boy, who is capable of combining a commanding onstage presence and a kind, friendly smile.

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Without a doubt, ENHYPEN’s maknae Ni-ki commands attention on the dance floor and possesses a variety of dancing skills.

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Above may look like a little get to know of each member but they are also solely the reason why you should watch and attend MANIFESTO in Manila.

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