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SBTown introduces their first P-POP girl group, YGIG

Girl group, YGIG, finally make its debut under SBTown, after more than four years of training.

SBTown is a newly founded company in the Philippines that focuses on event production, artist promotion, talent management, and broader commercial endeavors in the near future.

The President and CEO, Mr. Geong Seonghan (Tatang Robin), along with Ms. Adie Hong and Universal Records are preparing to debut a brand-new 7-member P-POP girl group, YGIG, following the success of producing the biggest P-POP group SB19.

Members of YGIG include Alexei, Maeg, JM, Vien, Darlene, Hazelyn, and Jewel.

The group’s dedication to opening the way for Filipina female groups to perform on a worldwide platform is reflected in the group’s name, YGIG, which stands for You Go, I Go.

Under the guidance of Ms. Adie Hong, the members underwent intense training as part of SBTalent Camp. And now, SBTown is prepared to showcase the abilities of its artists after a few years of practice and training.

One of the group’s main goals is to build a close connection with their audience that will help them expand their fan base.

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YGIG makes their debut with the song ‘SHABA SHABA,’ which is anticipated to draw audiences due to its catchy and lively feel and be a smash with listeners of all ages. With its genuine hip-hop rhythm and enticing melody, the song Shaba Shaba portrays the charm of the group as the ultimate girl crush.

Listen to their first single ‘SHABA SHABA,’ available now on all global music streaming platforms. Through SBTown and Universal Records, we will be able to see more of the talents of this P-POP girl group in the near future.

You can also check their socials for more updates! YGIG’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok.

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