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First Step: To All Nations – One great night with TAN

Kpop group, TAN, kicked-off their first “Philippine Promotion Tour” last November 4, at the Music Museum in Manila.

Kicking off with Beautiful Lie

TAN began their performance with their most recent comeback song, ‘Beautiful Lie,’ which was enthusiastically greeted by the crowd, who chanted and sung along. Even after the performance, PH SODAs continued to cheer for the group!

Members took turns introducing themselves to the audience after their performance. Some members even make their introductions in Tagalog!

To make the fan meeting more exciting, they were asked a couple of questions by the host which is none other than, Tatang Robin.

More Performances and Games

They next played a game in which they had to choose a member after the host had said a phrase or category.

When they were asked who has the most aegyo and funny, the members picked their maknae, Jiseong, and he even showed a sample of his aegyo. Jiseong was also picked as the most fashionable member! While Jooan was picked as someone who takes the longest to get ready and the one who sleeps the most.

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The following game was ‘Hep Hep Hooray!’ where fans participated and the lucky winner can make a wish. And it’s really a wish come true, because that one lucky SODA got to hug all the members! Kainggit, bes~

As the group continued to perform with their hit songs, ‘Walking on the Moon,’ ‘DU DU DU,’ and ‘Louder,’ SODAs undoubtedly showed gave the group its complete support.

TAN also performed ‘Diwata’ by Sam Concepcion which made the fans more hype and thrilled.

SBTalent Camp Trainees

SBTown also presented their SBTalent Camp Trainees, wherein the boy group trainees performed ‘ParadoXXX Invasion’ by Enhypen and ‘Walking on the Moon’ by TAN.  Following to this, ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype Boy’ by New Jeans was performed by the girl group trainees.

And before ending their stage, they all performed SBTown theme song ‘Hindi ka Nag-iisa.’

Encore Stage

And even if the fans don’t want the night to end, TAN conclude their stage with ‘My Heart.’ They also performed ‘Diving to the Top,’ a song from The Wild Idol, during their encore stage.

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It was undoubtedly a memorable evening for all Filo-SODAs who attended the fan meeting.

TAN’s Philippine Promotion Tour is made possible through the partnership of SBTown, ShowBT Korea, and Think Entertainment. Kodus to the whole team and production!

Bes, are you there, too? Let us know about your fan meeting experience in the comments section below!

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