TAN, Kpop’s monster rookie group, is finally here in the Philippines!

Image Source: SBTown

To All Nations “TAN,” is a project boy group with seven members under Think Entertainment. The group, which was formed through the MBC reality survival show ‘The Wild Idol,’ made their debut on March 10, 2022, with the mini album Limited Edition “1TAN.”

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Philippines will be the first stop on the group’s world tour. The members are eager to get closer to their Filo-SODA and have planned a series of nationwide fan meetings, mall shows, press conferences, television and online show interviews, and other performances for their FIRST STEP: To All Nations Philippine Promotion Tour, which will take place from November 3–14, 2022.

Image Source: SBTown

Exclusive Interview with AO Team

In their songs, they would recommend ‘Sing with You,’ for their fans who is having a hard time. The song lyrics is written by Jaejun and Jiseong, and they wrote it especially for SODAs. Which they hope that their fans will be comfortable when hearing that song.

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In their albums, Jaejun like the song ‘DU DU DU,’ it doesn’t have really specific meaning but it stays in your mind. And since it’s their debut song, they really prepared a lot for this one. And he believes that Filo-SODA will love the song too.

While they are in the Philippines, Jiseong wanted to try a lot of Filipino dishes and visit Cebu. Chansung also said that they want to experience different Filipino culture.

During their survival show, ‘The Wild Idol,’ Hyunyeop said that INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu really give them a lot of support. And even after their debut, Kim Sungkyu continue to support them.

The person who inspired Jooan to be a kpop idol is BTS’ Jimin. It is because Jimin was known as a dancer and went to up to where he is right now and that really inspire him to be a better idol too. While for Jiseong, his inspiration is Block B’s Zico, because he is a known rapper and an idol at the same time.

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And after a while, instead of us asking, they asked us some questions too!

Changsun asked our team to suggest some Filipino foods to them. And being a fast-food enthusiast, we suggested Jollibee! We were even asked by Jooan what our favorite food was, and we highly recommended chickenjoy and jolly spaghetti.

We can’t wait for them to try Jollibee~

The collaboration between SBTown, ShowBT Korea, and Think Entertainment has made TAN’s Philippine Promotion Tour possible.

Special thanks to SBTown Team for making this event possible for Filo-SODAs!

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