Seventeen’s “Be the Sun-Seoul”: a HOT and fun concert!

Seventeen wraps up D-1 of a 2 days concert “2022 World Tour Be the Sun-Seoul” last June 25, 2022 at Gocheok Skydome Seoul, South Korea.

The group Seventeen is one of the best K-pop group concert in South Korea that you should never miss! Be it while watching inside the dome or with your carat friends from home.

Photo credits to @uri151013 on Twitter.

On Seventeen’s zoom fan meeting, Dino mentioned that the fans should wear white and most attendees literally complied with his request on the concert D-Day. Woah!

When Dino says white, carats wear white 🤍 Photo credits to @couprangstar on Twitter.

HOT HOT HOT! Seventeen’s opening song is from their latest 4th full-length album “Face The Sun” released last May 27, 2022. Seventeen expressed so much energy and hotness with their performance as they start the night.

All 13 members of Seventeen gave their all for the much awaited concert despite 1 member being injured, Yoon Jeonghan with a cast on his right arm due to an elbow injury. No doubt that this group is really passionate and serious about their craft.

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The concert lasted for 4 hours with more than 26 songs, VCRs and performances which really showed how much the group prepared for this concert. Warm love from Seventeen and Carat were felt throughout the night.

HOT, Crazy, Fun, Warm, Beautiful, Passion, Love, and a lot more. Every feeling is felt in this concert with both the group and their fans, especially after revealing their surprise for each other. This is what mutual Love and bond that Seventeen & Carat has for each other. It’s not too late for you to ride this life with us! STAN SEVENTEEN! ♡

While waiting for Encore, there are fan-made banners that were shown on the screen with cheers from Carats to Seventeen. Lastly, to finish off the concert, with the un-ending AJU NICE, it was the best concert ever!

Kudos as well to the production staff for putting up the last train schedules on-screen so that Carats will not miss the subway going home. Thank you, Seventeen, and to the Staff Production! 역시 우리 세븐틴과 스태프분들 감사합니다.

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Day 2 of the concert is set for today June 26, 2022, at 7 PM KST at Gocheok Skydome Seoul, South Korea. Watch out for more updates about Seventeen and follow them on their SNS.

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Also, on October 8-9, 2022, Seveenteen will be in Mall of Asia Arena Manila, Philippines for a 2 days concert that you should never miss!

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