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Filo-PhiBalls spent a great Friday night in Gulf Kanawut’s 1st Fan Meeting in Manila!

Gulf Kanawut held his 1st fan meeting in Manila with a bang! After 3 years the Thai Actor is back in the Philippines to meet his PhiBalls.

Photo by Jaidey Reyes

For the Royalty and VIP ticket holders, the event began at 4:30 PM with a group and one-on-one picture opportunity with Gulf. Following that, the fan meeting officially began at precisely 6 PM.

First up was his VCR showing his excellent looks and charisma. He then sang “Why So Serious” on stage, which fired up the crowd and filled the stadium with the loudest cheers.

Photo by Jaidey Reyes

The first fan meeting for Gulf will be hosted by Kring Kim, a well-known host of fan events and gatherings. For the first section of the event, she began to interview Gulf. The first question, “How does he prepare himself before every step, if he has any lucky charm?” is answered by Gulf saying that if he did his best, he wouldn’t need to rely on any lucky charm, he is his own lucky charm.

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Photo by Jaidey Reyes

When asked which Filipino star he is most eager to meet, Sarah Geronimo is his definite response.

After getting to know Gulf more, various games and activities are prepared by Pulp for him.

There is a simple Yes or No Game (It’s Me Gulf), Gulf’s Feed where he needs to answer correctly the question pertaining to some of his IG posts, answer questions written on post-it notes from fans, participate in a football challenge, guess Filipino words, and even showcase his acting skills when asked to portray a well-known character from two Filipino movies.

Photo by Jaidey Reyes

To get the crowd more pumped and active, one part of the show required everyone’s full participation in the game Last Fan Standing where red and blue cards were given to each fan. Gulf has to pick one of the two choices given corresponding to a color of red or blue. 3 PhiBalls remained in the end getting a signed polaroid and flower from Gulf himself.

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Gulf performed more songs, including Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” TharnType’s OST “Be Mine,” and “Hold Me Tight,” to conclude the night.

Photo by Jaidey Reyes

Gulf said that he would like meet his fans again and enjoy themselves as he brought the evening to a close. And lastly, he thanks all the fans for coming and supporting him for his fan meeting. He also express his gratitude to all PhiBalls for making the night enjoyable and memorable.

Hi-bye session were held at the end of the show so that Filo-PhiBalls may bid him farewell one last time.

Congratulations to Ms. Happee Hour and the entire Pulp Live World staff for organizing such an amazing event. We sincerely thank you making this event possible.

Written with Rocelle Jean

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