Seonhohada Donates 3.94M won to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association!

Kim Seon Ho’s fandom did charitable work!

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association’s Chairman Song Pil Ho shared on September 14 that Kim Seon Ho’s Fandom, Seonhohada donated 3.94 million won to their organization.

Hope Bridge is a Korean organization that helps people who are suffering from unexpected disasters like typhoon and raise/distribute donations in case of domestic natural disasters.

Seonhohada’s donation will be used to help restore the daily lives of people who have lost their homes due to typhoon Hinnamnor which hit Korea earlier this month.

“We are grateful to all the fans of actor Kim Seon-ho for raising money for the neighbors who have no choice but to travel back and forth between shelters and homes during the holidays to work on the restoration, Hope Bridge will do everything it can to help the displaced people return to their daily lives as soon as possible.”

– Kim Jong Hee, Secretary of Hope Bridge

This fandom is really kind and has a big heart! Good job my fellow Seonhohada!

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