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On Lee Changsub, water sports, and ‘Surrender’

Written by: CLP

Lee Changsub’s water sports activities are very familiar to his fans since they are well-documented on Instagram – his own and his friends.  One can actually observe his progress. 

He started wakeboarding last August 2021 with his friend Cha Hyunseung, who is sometimes part of the BTOB dance crew, and sometimes his personal trainer in the gym.  (Yes, he is that Cha Hyunseung from Single’s Inferno.) Peniel even joined them at times.  It’s so much fun watching his videos, especially when he got excited about standing for a long time, and also when he fell into the water.   He went wakeboarding many times and posted on Instagram each time he went.

Changsub perhaps enjoyed the water activities so much that he actually tried surfing just recently.  He said that surfing is very different from wakeboarding. It looked like he enjoyed it a lot. He went without Hyunseung who is now with Sunmi on her global tour in Europe and the US.  Changsub’s post prompted Hyunseung to playfully reply with “you traitor”.  

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Lee Changsub is the lead vocal of BTOB (비투비), the 10-year-old idol group behind the hits “Missing You” and “Only One For Me”.  He is the crazy guy with a lovely voice.  He personifies BTOB’s charms – so full of crazy antics, very loud, and sings beautifully.  Some of his most memorable solo songs are At The End (from Piece of BTOB Vol. 1) and Gone (from his album, “Mark”). 

He just released a special single entitled ‘SURRENDER’ on September 6.  

Listen to his new song ‘SURRENDER’:

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